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Rather than one blanket "PC RPG of the Year" with up to three awards possible, we divided it up into "PC RPG Expasion of the Year" and "Original PC RPG of the Year," with two awards per category.

Starting with Original PC RPG of the Year:

Winner: Hellgate: London
"You should (get Hellgate: London), because it's awesome. And it's also gonna be the closest thing we'll get to Diablo III for a long while, I reckon." -Poster in the early RPG Land forum topic about Hellgate: London

Runner up: Two Worlds
It may have caught a bit of hate from te masses, but we're not afraid to award Two Worlds for its serious challenge, beautiful (and huge) world, high customization, and welcome quest variety. Despite some early bugs, it ended up being a fun experience.

Last Year's winner: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

And moving to PC RPG Expansion of the Year:

Winner: Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Guild Wars: Eye of the North, is the first actual expansion to Guild Wars, which previously saw releases of multiple “booster” packs. Expanding the original game prophecies, Eye of the North adds 18 new multilevel dungeons, 150 new skills (the lifeblood of all guild war characters), 40 new armor sets, and 10 new heroes. It ended up being an excellent pack.

Runner up: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: Shivering Isles
The expansion pack to last year's PC RPG of the year and overall GotY runner-up, Shivering Isles adds many more hours to the masterfully created Oblivion. Whisking players away to the realm of Sheogorath, where they experience this Daedric Prince’s madness first hand, with two radically different sides, one of psychosis and one of awe-inspiring creation. With a game as well made and with a world as richly populated as Oblivion, any reason to travel back is a welcome one, but Shivering Isles has made it all the more enjoyable. Bethesda, you owe us many hours of our lives back!

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