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Moments That Most Made Us Be All Like "Whoa"

Winner: Odin Sphere's ending(s)
Odin Sphere's endgame was great, in part because there was a clear variety of story consequences that would come from the player's choices. None of the end scenes were too cheesy; they were perfectly reasonable, and best of all, there was no sugar to be found--not a pinch. It was the end of the fricking world, the only unicorns around were corpses, and there was narry a rainbow in sight. And I was all like "Whoa."

Runner up: Bring a Gun to School (Persona 3)
You play a high school kid. And bring a gun to school. And then put it to your head. And then fire. Repeatedly. Holy F###. Didn't see that one coming.

Honorable mention: Hey Wait, Explorable Overworld? (Wild ARMs 5)
You now what fun part of older RPGs we're seeing so uncommonly these days? Explorable overworlds. This part of Wild ARMs 5 may not have technically made us be all like "Whoa" per se, but it sure was cool to see.

Last Year's winner: Yggdra Union's Story and Presentation

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