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Winner: Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions)
Delita was already a badass character when his game debuted nearly 10 years ago, and in the 2007 remake, we got to see all his original awesome and more. Adding life to the character with the new version's animated scenes and voice acting helped the cause a bit, too.

Runner up: Gig (Soul Nomad and the World Eaters)
Gotta love a smartass who constantly tempts the player character to sell his soul in exchange for limitless power.

Honorable mention: Male Dancer (Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess)
The Male Dancer from Final Fantasy XI gets a nod here. Undaunted by the pressures of society and media, he fearlessly laced up his ruffled shirt and got down to business. So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Male Dancer. You're a real gaming hero.

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