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Winner: Etrian Odyssey
"Etrian Odyssey won't appeal to everyone, but will definitely make fans of dungeon crawlers happier than a paparazzi with a clear view of Paris Hilton's bathroom window." -Phil Clayton, RPG Land review of Etrian Odyssey

Runner up: Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
"...Joker [is] a recommendable title for those itching for another turn-based RPG on the Nintendo DS." -Janelle Hindman, RPG Land review of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Honorable mention: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
"It is indeed in their simplicity that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl shine. Whether it is the simple touch-screen commands or the ability to set a key item to be used when players press the 'Y' button, these games minimize the dirty work players have to do and let them focus on the fun aspects." -Joseph Wartick, RPG Land review of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Last Year's winner: Final Fantasy III

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