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NIS Discusses Disgaea Anime

This section of the two-part of the interview talks about the Disgaea anime.

Some previews make it look like the Disgaea anime takes place right after the game, but others make it appear as if that isn't so. Which is it?

Souhei Niikawa, Nippon Ichi

Disgaea Anime actually takes place from the beginning of Disgaea1. But, the animated series will have is own original story and setting, so fans might want to watch it as an alternate universe series.

Will it follow an episodic or linear story format, and is it following the story of the game?

Souhei Niikawa

It is definitely in a linear story format and it some what follows the game. However like I mentioned before the animated series should be viewed as an alternate take of the game.

Why only twelve episodes? This question comes with this sad face: =(

Souhei Niikawa

The harsh reality of budgeting my friendů I wish we were able to deliver more episodes too. However, depending on the ratings we might have extra seasons, so you never know!

Can you say anything else about a possible Season 2?

Souhei Niikawa

Let's cross our fingers on this one.

Is this thing coming to the States in any form? If so, will it have the same voice team as the game? We actually really liked the US voice cast for the game a lot.

Souhei Niikawa

We working with Geneon to bring Disgaea Anime in a DVD format, and yes we will have the same voice cast, so please look forward to it!

Does the anime show any additional/bonus ties between the two games?

Souhei Niikawa

That's an secret for now. Forum Member "LiQuid!"

Can I play Vyers in the imminent live action adaptation?

Souhei Niikawa


If you missed the bigger part of this dual-subject interview, the Disgaea 2 interview can be read here. Once again, our thanks go out to various Nippon Ichi associates for making this interview happen.


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