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Reviewed: 4/1/08

The king of the sea proves he is also the king of RPGs in Jaws for the Dreamcast.

Jaws is all about taking control of the Great White Legend and eating people. But not just people--whole boats, life preservers, small islands, you name it. The experience system accounts for all of these things, and Jaws can even take on certain powers of the things he eats, then the player can test them out in mini games on the Dreamcast's VMU. The Dreamcast was the best system ever, man.

Screen Shot
This is the part of the story where Jaws lets people catch him and fakes being dead, waiting juuust long enough for some chick to arrogantly get into his mouth, then remind people why he's The King.

Jaws is so awesome that you even swim him into Scotland and knock up the Loch Ness Monster, then make a superbeast baby, then Jaws and Jaws Junior go to Japan and fight/eat Godzilla. Also King Kong. Also Donkey Kong.

Then it's pretty much over.

-Heath Hindman

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