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Grandia 3 Scans

Updated: 3.30.05

Here are Japanese mag Scans of Square Enix's Grandia 3:


Square Enix has announced production of Grandia III for PlayStation 2. There aren't very many details known yet, but the game will be out in Japan this summer, and main characters' names have been revealed to be Yuuki (16, male), Alfina (16, Female), and Emerius (male, unknown age). Character design will be by You Yoshinari (known for Valkyrie Profile) and it will be directed by the same man who directed Grandia II, Hidenobu Takahashi. Like previous games, up to 4 characters will be present in your battle parties. The Week in Review will keep you posted further. Click the images above to see larger versions.

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-Eric Emerson

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